Biohazard: My Hero

When we were just little kids, we wanted to create our own superheroes. 'Yung tipong kakaiba, with a unique set of superhuman abilities. When I was browsing the net, I bumped into this website where you can fulfill your childhood dream of creating your own superhero... The Hero Machine! Here's my golem:
Originally, his name is Toxin, pero parang meron na yatang character sa Marvel Universe na ganun ang pangalan... so I changed it into Biohazard (see the text behind his name?)... pero eventually I learned na meron naring isa pang comic book character (Marvel din ata) na ganun ang panagalan.. Arrgghh!! I'll go with this name, anyway 'di ko naman ipa-publish eh.

Real Name: Johnny Murcielago
Superhero Name: BIOHAZARD
Birthplace: Iloilo, Philippines
Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Abilities: manipulates biological hazard

Johnny Murcielago is an intelligent son of a wealthy couple living in a town called "Oton" in the Western Visayas. He studied Microbiology in a local but prestigious university in Manila, and eventually worked for Department of Environment and Natural Resources as a zoographer. Displaying exceptional expertise in his field, he was hired by a top-secret and elite physics lab in the Philippines to partake in a project called "Project Afra Mors," developing a bioweapon with the help of some Russian scientists.

Johnny was sent to a cave exploration in Africa to extract a sample of a unique strain of virus belonging to the Biohazard Level 4. After several days of working in a cave experimenting on tragloxenes, he was quarantined and was diagnosed to be infected by a strange illness despite exercising extreme protection, leaving him bed-ridden for weeks...

...Whew! It's so hard coming up with a made-up story! Bahala na kayong dumugtong sa susunod na nangyari... para kasing napaka-stereotypical naman eh.


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