The Triviality of Kindness

When you bawl someone out, you don't expect the person to be happy with it for whatever reason-- be it just for the sake of bitching out, or out of love that needs a compelling force. Take the laundry for example. A heavily stained shirt needs a good cleaning, and the regular routine of scrubbing, washing and wringing won't shoo the stubborn stain off; however, a good dose of bleach will do the trick. So you put on some bleach, the stain washes off in a jiffy, problem solved, you're happy. Out of good intention to clean it, you can not deny the fact that you 'hurt' the shirt-- bleach, if not entirely, is mostly made up of chlorine, a chemical known to adulterate or eat through fabrics (chemists please correct me if I'm wrong). You may have a good intention to "bleach" the person to perfect clean, but being sensitive enough to mince matters a little bit makes a lot of difference.

Learning the lesson and just forgetting the harshness of the words in a rebuke isn't as easy as removing the bone from a steak. It may seem so cliché and basic, but with all its triviality I learned that even the most intelligent people I know seem to forget it-- or rather, don't know it at all. Or maybe I'm just being too soapy and sensitive, I don't know. There are different strokes for different folks anyway.

Yet, I'd rather have a stupid and considering heart than an extra-large brain with an iron hand.