Random Thoughts: July

So ayun nga. Wala akong blog post for June. Sa sobrang busy ko sa school at work hindi ko na maasikaso ang aking cyber life (LOL ang jologs). Well... ano pa nga ba ang ipo-post ko dito eh recently medyo monotonous ang mga araw ko. Aral sa umaga, work sa gabi. Nahahapo na nga ako. Isa pang bagay na medyo kinaiinisan ko this month eh yung fact na hindi ko nabisita ang dagat. Meron pa naman akong tendency na ma-demotivate kapag hindi ako nakakapag-out-of-town. So I really need to plan an impromptu trip ASAP. LOL. Ang oxymoronic no? Buti nalang meron akong mga kaibigang laging game, hehehe. Matapos lang 'tong paghihirap ko, I'll just hop on a random bus and get lost.

Recently I've been trying to reevaluate my life. Day by day, I'm starting to feel how superficial my world has become. I'm starting to realize how my daily routine has thrown me into a vacuum of conformity. I'm slowly becoming mainstream. I'm not saying that being in the mainstream is bad-- it's just that, the mainstream is putting me into a mold, a confined space, a pattern which does not fit the contours of my twisted mind.

I took a shower. It somehow washed away the unintelligible voices in my head. Then I studied myself in front of the mirror. I saw my soul. It's gray-- a sign that I've been living a predictable life. Again, the little voices are back. I banged a block of ice heavily into the wall, the thud echoed through the night. I put these shards of crystal into a glass of elixir, lit a cigarette and smoked all my worries away... the voices began to peter out. I closed my eyes and wished that I'll have a beautiful dream.