50 Random Things About Me

This has been sitting in my Drafts for quite some time now. Thanking Leo for the idea (this list originally goes on up to 100, but I find it too tedious already), and Pops for her recent Facebook Note 'cause I finally got this thing over and done with LOL. Anyway, some people might not know me so well, so here's a few tidbits about me. I hope they're not so TMI-ish though!

1. I can stay in front of the computer (with an Internet connection of course) for hours. Or even for a whole day!

2. I have a sweet tooth, and someday I'd love to be a chocolatier and have my own patisserie.

3. I collect dried herbs, spices and condiments and cook with them every once in a while. The most curious I've got so far is a jar of pink Himalayan salt.

4. My inuman buddies would say that I am a pulutan monster. Guilty! So get ready for a banquet when drinking with me LOL

5. There are days that I don't see the sun. I'm a hermit.

6. I tend to misplace my belongings. In fact, there's a time when I lost 4 cell phones in a year (beat that).

7. I am suffering from hyperhidrosis (I sweat a lot). OK fine, ako talaga si Aquaman.

8. I wouldn't like to be born again if given the chance. Yes, I have my daily misfortunes, insecurities and stuff, but I think I'm living my life just right.

9. The beach is my ultimate repose.

10. I'm a little bit of a paranoid. Hindi naman sa nagpi-feeling gwapo ako but I always feel that people are looking at me and looking for something to criticize. That explains why I hate big crowds.

11. I am kind of asexual, amoral and apathetic. I'm basically a stone with human features...

12. ...maybe because I am somewhat choosy. But once I dote on something (or someone), I easily give in and wallow in the soup of affection.

13. I am a frustrated artist. I can still draw but I guess I have become rusty already. I used to draw comics before I went to college.

14. I also tried painting (oil on canvas) but I always find my works shabby. I need a formal education.

15. I love animals. So I love my friends.

16. My ultimate snack food (or drink) is Milo. Masarap pumapak ng Milo after kumain, and I always have a glass of Milo at home when smoking.

17. Recently I realized that I have a thing for photography (in lieu of my inferior painting skills) and I love taking landscape scenes and conceptual photos of myself (READ: 'selfies').

18. I grew up sleeping on folding beds. The ones made of tiny plastic strings.

19. And sleeping on folding beds, I used to apply oil between my toes. I just love the 'slippery feeling.' Weirdo.

20. I always dream of having a workshop. I love working on wood, paper and cloth. I already made myself a nifty pair of Japanese wooden clogs (geta) :D

21. Anime and video games usually go together, but I guess I have outgrown my anime fad. I'm still a video game fanatic though.

22. I love weird hats and headgears! I'm starting a collection of fedoras, and I love to get the bomber hats next!

23. I never leave the house without a handkerchief. Or a pack of tissue at least.

24. I am a very insecure person. I'm trying so hard to dispel the personality but it keeps on coming back.

25. I tend to be sweet and caring. People often misinterpret it, but heck I don't care.

26. I try my best to please people (or at least not hurt them), even to the point that it's not being convenient for me anymore.

27. If I learn something really scandalous about a person, I keep it to myself. If I can't handle it anymore, I confide it with a close friend who I can really trust.

28. I'm not very showy about it but I love my family so much. I promised myself to give them a better life.

29. I used to be very vindictive and even thought that, if only murder is not a crime I might have done it quite a couple of times already. Fortunately age has taught me a lesson about the values of life.

30. I like finding rad things in strange places, it's like a treasure hunt. Thrift shop and garage sales, anyone?

31. When I'm sad, I love traveling alone. When I'm happy, I love setting off with my friends.

32. I love to write. How I wish I can finish a novel. Or a short story at least.

33. I'm a tinker. I'm really not tech-savvy but I learned a few know-hows from my previous jobs. I can produce a signal booster from a Pringles can, a mirror or a strainer!

34. I can do any household chore. Problem is, I'm a slacker.

35. I'm not fond of books, but I love to read. Selected genres only.

36. My musical taste is universal. I sing April Boy Regino in frenzied karaoke sessions and listen to Chopin in my quiet time alone.

37. I'm not a frequent movie-goer. I mainly enjoy the cinemas because of my friends.

38. I believe in the Supreme Being. For me, everything underneath the umbrella of this topic is a complex mesh of unintelligible brouhaha.

40. I have a very low degree of tolerance for noise, pain and heat.

41. Iniiwasan ko na ang beer. But a sub-zero bottle is a completely different story.

42. Beach camping is the most memorable out-of-town experience for me. Grilled fish, green mango salad, bagoong and campfire s'mores-- these things are still haunting me. I want to sleep in a bigger tent though LOL

43. I'm drawn to the colors black, white and brown. Excellent gift idea, right? LOL

44. Such a shame but I'm afraid to buy fish and meat in the market because I might end up buying the bad stuff. BTW, I'm an HRM student LOL

45. Only my real close friends know (and see) my "wild" side. I am usually perceived as a mysterious and quiet folk (that's what they say).

46. I'm not enjoying college, sorry... if not for my desire to get a diploma for my parents, I wouldn't have been back to school.

47. I can sing, but really, I don't have an awesome voice. Interestingly enough, I auditioned for Glee Club in high school and got in as a tenor, but decided not to pursue it.

48. I am a very gentle and peaceful person. I got involved in a very few fist fights in my childhood, but I don't remember myself picking one.

49. If I am given the chance to learn to play a musical instrument overnight, it would be the piano or the violin. Sad, slow music soothes me.

50. I am a very adaptable person. I love the company of people who knows how to blend in to their surroundings too (koboy)!


Random Thoughts: January

In times like these when it's the dead of night, the silence is deafening and my mind is astray, I am compelled by the little voices in my head to write. Well, I guess I will have to use the word "write" instead of "type" though I'm actually typing right now, but I wish you get the gist of what I'm trying to say. But I digressed. Anyway, to make things less complicated, I guess I am left with no choice but to sew random words together, trying to make sense out of them as if I myself am making sense right now. You see, I'm just basically beating around the bush here. Up to now I've typed more or less a hundred words already but I still don't find all these words sensible.

God, I just want to be numb for now. Else I'll be an emotional a-hole for the rest of my life.