Random Thoughts: January

In times like these when it's the dead of night, the silence is deafening and my mind is astray, I am compelled by the little voices in my head to write. Well, I guess I will have to use the word "write" instead of "type" though I'm actually typing right now, but I wish you get the gist of what I'm trying to say. But I digressed. Anyway, to make things less complicated, I guess I am left with no choice but to sew random words together, trying to make sense out of them as if I myself am making sense right now. You see, I'm just basically beating around the bush here. Up to now I've typed more or less a hundred words already but I still don't find all these words sensible.

God, I just want to be numb for now. Else I'll be an emotional a-hole for the rest of my life.

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