Random Thoughts: October

This ain't one of them rant posts I've done in the past. I've had enough fretting and fuming last night when I lost my cellphone (oh yeah! I did, AGAIN) inside an Internet café, thanks to the nimble hand of a gangster-type kid. I just wish I had implanted a mini-bomb inside it so I could just blast the thief's hand away. Seriously, I'm the vindictive type, so pardon me for being so macabre with the punishment. But OK, enough with the gory wishful thinking.

So today's October 12, 2010. Nineteen days to go and I'm back to the life of a vagabond. Perfect timing, right? I can hardly imagine myself cellphone-less at a time like this. I expect myself to be penniless in the next few days because the company will be holding off my next salary, since I am just rendering thirty days of work for the transition (oh no I'm ranting again).

I just thought of setting off for a journey, to somewhere far and paradisaical, all by myself. Human life is like a phoenix's-- I guess there's always a point in a person's life when he build himself a funeral pyre, consume himself with the stressful flames, ultimately being reduced into ashes, and the ending could either be him dead meat forever or born again from the same ashes. And I'm exactly in the phase wherein I'm preparing myself for my own ritual cremation. Maybe I can board a random bus and be taken off to an equally-random unheard-of place, or ride a ferry sailing to the remote islands of the South China Sea. Or if the budget will allow, I can take a plane and fly to Batanes with just a map, and enough courage.

All these, of course after I get myself a new phone. Ugh.