Quarter Life Crisis

There's something about February, the early morning crowd, the dawn moon, the pedestrian crossing and EDSA that made me feel so lonely today.

It was still dark, and I am amongst the sea of people waiting for the traffic lights to turn red so we can cross the other side of the street. Although it is already a common sight, the swarm sort of astounded me-- what on earth are these people doing in the streets at this ungodly hour? It was already 5 AM; I really don't know what has gotten into my head that made me ask myself this obviously stupid question.

The stoplight already signaled the crowd to pass through. While I was walking amidst these faceless strangers, a surge of black bile rushed into my heart-- suddenly, I felt alone.

Everything was in slow-mo while the moon, veiled with thick haze, smiled at me sarcastically. A torrent of memories in black and white flashed on my mind like a sixpence cinema. I remembered my childhood, my carefree and simple life as a little boy. I remembered all the friends I've gained and lost along the way. I remembered how I spent my summer afternoons at home, with the whole family, all together watching an infamous noontime show.

Everything has changed.


  1. May ganun.... Emo mode... EMODE.

  2. Hehehe. Ganun talaga Ken. Eto ang emode age ko. Wahehehehe!