Random Thoughts: July

What a shame. I was too busy with my mundane life that I forgot to post a single blog entry for June.

And it's not a good sign.

You see, when I am too busy to post a single nonsensical musing in this corner of the cyberworld, it means that I have no free time to horse around, ergo I am a philosophically lifeless automaton designed to execute schematic/stupid/boring programs (read: just like everyone else in the world). Whatever happened to my quasi-hedonistic attitude towards life.

Well, what the hell. "My life always begin," and it will sure end in a very timely manner. Aside from making it my proverbial mantra to keep a positive outlook in life, it serves as a seemingly intelligent excuse to slack off and procrastinate, and my blog has always been a willing victim. This might be a tad overused (and oftentimes a "broken promise" material), but starting today I will try to update my blog more often than ever. No, I'm not crossing my fingers.

Anyway, I just had an unproductive Saturday. Working the graveyard shift is a bane as it is a boon to me. I have grown almost oblivious to Friday nights and the joy they bring, but at least I still have my Saturdays. I can proudly swagger it to the face of my weekend-basking friends and tell them, "hey, I have my social life too, you know." And at least I don't need to box people out at 7:30 AM just to board the bus or train.

I woke up late in the evening yesterday, and there you go, my Saturday was all down the drain. I was left with a few remaining hours to call my Saturday a real Saturday. Father Time ages quickly, and fortunately I know how to use my time cunningly and it's like smudging Olay Age-Defying Cream on his wrinkled face.

So to rescue my Saturday from utter boredom, I opted to go to Banchetto Megatent along Meralco Avenue. I was anti-culture shocked to see the unusually small crowd flocking the stalls. I guess it has garnered less patrons ever since it was expelled from its former Ortigas location. Although I kind of missed Emerald's organized chaos and the shoulder-to-shoulder traffic, I liked the new setting better. No long wait times and I can frolic around freely like a wolf in a sheepfold.

I giddily gobbled up my isaw baboy, Batac empanada (a delicious orange empanada with savory filling, which I personally prefer over the Vigan version), Luther Burger (this is definitely the killer. A thick slab of patty and strips of bacon sandwiched between Krispy Kreme donut "buns.") and Chocolate-Peanut Butter cake. Then I bought these pastry bar trio as a takeaway: Gooey Almond, Food for the Gods and Chocolate Revel Bars! Damn it, my low-calorie diet proved futile at last.

My Saturday was not bad at all, was it?

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