Random Thoughts, a Few Hours Before August

I started my cheat weekend (LOL, cheat weekend, whatever) by eating a humongous slice of Goblin Pie that I bought from Banapple the other day for my sister's birthday. I was quite surprised to see my first love on the menu as I thought it is exclusively available during the Halloween season. Without any second thoughts, I took a whole pie home. I felt obliged to tell my folks back home that the thing is a dessert pie and not a cake, but I finally decided to skip the lecture. Who cares about the subtle difference when both are round, sweet and fudgy anyway? :D

Again, Happy Birthday Rosette! Isa na namang taon ang nadagdag sa edad mo. Next time ako naman ang ilibre mo ah, hmp! ;p


A week ago, we (Mackie, Jeric, Pops and me) were on an untimely vacation.

July 20, 2011, Wednesday. 2:45 AM. At the office.

me: "Boss, let me just remind you na bukas na yung flight ko papuntang Palawan ah."

my boss: "WTH?!"

Apparently, he kept on forgetting what I kept on reminding him about. Anyway, wala naman syang nagawa and hinayaan nya na lang akong mag-Unpaid Leave kinabukasan at sa mga sumunod na araw hehehehe. At tuloy ang ligaya!

Dang, Coron is one hell of a place-- a paradise!

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

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