Boracay, At Last! (Part 2)

Seriously, I didn't expect Boracay to be this gorgeous in broad daylight. The sand was blindingly white and the water was sparkling with mild hues of blues and greens. Truly a lovely sight. The beach was spotless, no trash, just an occasional sighting of natural debris like seaweed, twigs and coconut husks. 

The water was calm and inviting, so as early as 7 AM, we put on some sunscreen and decided to take a quick dip. 

This is where we stayed.

A few hours later, Leo and I felt the urge to eat breakfast. We Googled "best breakfast place in Boracay" and it returned with "Real Coffee and Tea Cafe." We even read the reviews and it seemed promising. The place was just a little hard to spot because it was tucked away inside an alley. We sat down and scanned the menu. I chuckled when I saw the price-- wow. Damn expensive for such simple meals! Anyway I ordered a pancake meal and Leo got the French toast. Few minutes later, we were served complimentary brewed coffee (their specialty, as what the restaurant's name suggested) which I found a tad bland for my taste. Isn't that ironic? Service was kind of slow and we're getting hungrier by the minute. At long last, our breakfast arrived. I was quite saddened by this lonely sight on my plate:

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We learned that their specialty is the Calamansi Muffin, so we asked if we can order a piece so we can taste it first. Unfortunately, they don't sell it by the piece, and we need to order at least one day in advance. We ordered a box of 8 and advised ate the server that we'll get it the next day.

The remaining hours of the day consisted of fun and exciting water activities! We tried Helmet Diving and the Fly Fish (damn you, Fly Fish! My arms were all sore after that craaaaazy ride!!! :D)-- I wish I have pictures though so I could explain better how these activities work. We also hired a boat to tour us around the whole island, and did a bit of snorkeling. We waited for the sunset at Puka beach, one of Boracay's less-crowded areas. The sand there was not fine-- I read somewhere that they are made up of crushed puka shells, where the beach got its name. The limestone cliffs of Puka beach add to its unique and tranquil appeal.

A Chinese guy named Tom (second from the right) joined us in our water activities.

Sunset is really a sight to behold in Boracay.

As Leo and I were dead tired and haven't had sleep for more than 24 hours already, we skipped the nightlife and hit the hay instead. 

We slept like a log and woke up so late the next day that we actually missed breakfast. So we just opted to eat early lunch at Tito's (they serve really really good food!), picked up our calamansi muffins and headed to the airport to catch our afternoon flight.

Yes, I spent a thousand pesos for an overnight accommodation, ate expensive and sad-looking pancakes, ordered iced coffee at the beachside Starbucks and even used the ATM machines on the shore to withdraw extra cash! I was a complete sellout LOL. Sure as hell Boracay is not my perfect beach, but I would never ever deny that it was still an awesome place. The sand is the finest I've ever seen and felt so far. The waters are clean and very swimmable. Many activities to choose from, there's just so many things to do! As how some people put it, it is practically "a portion of Manila by the beach" with all its conveniences within reach. Will I be back soon? Of course! Next time maybe I should stay a bit longer.

I think it's not really a bad idea to spoil yourself every once in a while, is it?

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  1. im so happy for you, but did you really enjoyed it or napilitan ka lang i-enjoy kasi nabook na nga? hehehe, Boracay sunset is priceless... i like the silhouette thingy... this is one of the places i will never visit again, so costly... hehehe