Here We Go Again: The Health and Wellness Phase ver. 284746m

I've always thought that fitness is not my thing. Over the past few years, I've had a love-hate relationship with the gym, and considered the three-times-a-week, two-hours-a-day (that already includes an hour of rest) visits already a serious workout. I've actually summed up, with conviction, that my body won't ever resemble that of a Greek god.

The excuse goes like this: first, my genetic build-up holds the fatso chromosomes-- it runs in the family. It is fairly evident in papa's humongous front porch, mama's unattractive muffin top and my kuya's prominently gigantic frame. Apparently, the butterball curse stopped on me-- my younger brother and sisters are lean and manageable. Second, I can't squeeze exercise in between my hectic schedule. Hectic best describes a gruesome sedentary job in the office, spending 95% of the time sitting in front of the computer. Not to mention that I work the graveyard shift (but no please, I am not complaining). Third, enrolling myself in a fitness program requires, along with the calories, cash to burn. I was contemplating if this wellness phase and all its supplementary expenses will ever be worth it.

Lo and behold, I found myself enrolled in a 2-month program at a gym near the office. 2500 pesos for 2 months, not at all bad I thought. They have a spanking new set of cardio and strength training equipments, cool trainers, free banana and coffee in the morning, water all you can. The down side: a very small changeroom that could easily get crowded  and a limited number of shower rooms. But really, I think it's already a fair deal. Anyway I didn't get to experience (yet) working out with the crazy afternoon and evening crowd, as I go there as early as six in the morning, right after work when the gym is barely swarmed with people.

Honestly, what brought me to the gym is this ugly terrace of fat sticking out of my abs (yes, I read somewhere that there are the ab muscles in all of us). I found it discouraging when I realized that I can't fit into my favorite shirts anymore. Those unstoppable binges and food trips of the latter months have finally taken their toll on me. Hopefully with daily aggressive cardio, I'll get rid of this pot belly real soon.

I'm already on my third week, and I haven't seen a significant change yet. But I won't give up-- muscles aren't built overnight, as what they say. I'll patiently wait, say, for three more weeks and see if it's all worth the bucketfuls of sweat in the morning. And also, quite surprisingly, I am enjoying this lifestyle so far, believe it or not. No smoking, minimal alcohol intake, and daily exercise-- I actually feel that healthy feeling. This, and a 1200-a-day calorie limit, who knows I might be on Men's Health cover in no time.

Check out:
*the gym
*the Android app I've been using to track my calories
*what's inside my lunch box:
 Nature Valley Trail Mix (140 kcal/bar)
 Quaker Oatmeal Cookies(110-145 kcal/3-cookie pack)

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