March Wows and Woes

March passed by like a thief in the night, and I was not able to keep up with my vow to at least post one blog entry every month. I therefore conclude that March has been a busy month for me. Really now.

Interestingly enough, the day after I published the last melodramatic entry about my practicum woes (that was a Valentine's Day), I received a text message from a hotel's HR department, inviting me over for an interview-- I never knew blog entries are now the fastest way to God's mailbox. So I headed to the hotel the following day (a not-so-famous hotel in Cubao), went through the typical exam-and-interview recruitment process and a few hours later, I was proven useful again. Luckily, I was assigned in the Human Resources department and saved me the hassle of carrying heavy oval trays in the Food & Beverage department or bundles of linen in the Housekeeping department. The HR officer might have been intrigued, as I was the only applicant (or the only person in the hotel, for that matter) who got a perfect score on the exam.

Everything's kind of a cakewalk for the whole duration of my training in the HR department. Though the job of an intern in the office could be menial and boring, I am proud to say that I have learned a lot of things, professional or otherwise. Cutting to the chase, most of them are Human Resources-related, essential tidbits to help me land a job more easily. 6 weeks after, I'm back to being a bum.

But we're not on the worst part yet.

Processing the application for graduation is such a major pain in the fucking ass. Tiniis ko ang pagkahaba-habang mga pila na kelangan ipila at ang hirap ng pagpo-proseso in general, just to learn that I'M STILL NOT GRADUATING. Why? Marami pa daw akong deficiencies. Subjects from 1st and 2nd year na wala sa curriculum na ginamit ko dati, knowing na tapos ko na ang 1st and 2nd year subjects ko. Plain fucking BULLSHITTING, right? Who the fucking hell cares anyway?

OK, I'm having iced tea.

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